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Lake Keewahtin Quick Facts

Lake Size: 67 acres
Watershed Drainage Area: 303 acres; land use is mix of semi-urban and rural/agricultural
Maximum Depth: 34 feet
Outlet Elevation: NA - landlocked
Ordinary High Water Level: 937.1 feet
Low Water Level: 934.52 feet (1990)
High Water Level: 938 feet (2003)
Impairments: None
Invasive Species (2021): Purple loosestrife, curly-leaf pondweed

Water Quality: 2021 Data

Lake Grade: A
Summer average total phosphorus: 13.3 ug/L
Summer average Secchi disc: 15.1 ft
Summer chlorophyll-a: 2.7 ug/L

Resource Goals.

10-Year (2031) Goals

  • Reduce the 5-year mean phosphorus concentration (Average)  to less than or equal to 20 μg/L.
  • Improve the mean sechhi depth to greater than or equal to 10 ft.
  • Identify a 10-year mean bottom water chloride level of less than of equal to 230 mg/L.
  • Increase the percentage of parcels with greater than or equal to 75% natural shoreline.



Lake Keewahtin

Lake Keewahtin (formerly known as Sylvan or Halfbreed Lake) is a deep lake with excellent water quality. The lake does not drain (it's landlocked) and it has rich fen floating mats south of the lake that have been identified for preservation in past studies (CLFLWD, 2007). Lake Keewahtin is known for its excellent water quality.

The lake likely maintains its high quality through relatively low pollutant concentrations entering from its drainage area and a high rate of exchange with groundwater. A 2007 study found that panfish are abundant but top predators account for the majority of the biomass. The rough fish population was considered stable as carp were not collected in survey. The plant community was very diverse with curly-leaf pondweed present but not out competing native species. The overall management for the lake and watershed is focused on protection activities.

Lake Keewahtin studies and reports can be found here.