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Bone Lake Quick Facts

Lake Size: 221 acres
Watershed Drainage Area: 5,586 acres; major land use is rural/agriculture
Maximum Depth: 30 feet
Outlet Elevation: 907.3 feet
Low Water Level: 906.7 feet (1966)
High Water Level: 910.97 feet (1975)
Impairments: Nutrients
Invasive Species (2021): Eurasian watermilfoil, curlyleaf pondweed, common carp

Water Quality: 2021 Data

Lake Grade: B-
Summer avg total phosphorus: 26 μg/L
Summer average Secchi disc: 7.3 ft
Summer chlorophyll-a: 7.7 μg/L

Resource Goals

10-Year (2031) Goals

  • Reduce the 5-year mean phosphorus concentration (Average)  to less than or equal to 30 μg/L.
  • Improve the mean sechhi depth to greater than or equal to 7 ft.
  • Identify a 10-year mean bottom water chloride level of less than of equal to 230 mg/L.
  • Increase the percentage of parcels with greater than or equal to 75% natural shoreline.

Bone Lake

At 221 acres in size, Bone Lake is the second largest lake in the District and is considered an "active recreation lake." An area of 5,586 acres (including Moody Lake and Third Lake) drains to Bone Lake which then outlets to an unnamed stream that flows northwest to Birch, School, and Little Comfort Lakes. Although considered a deep lake, Bone exhibits some shallow lake characteristics because 58% of its area is in the littoral zone where rooted plants can grow. Bone Lake has a public boat landing and is used recreationally for swimming, fishing, and motorized and non-motorized boating. In 2004, it was placed on the State's Impaired Waters List due to high nutrients. It generally receives a lake grade of B- with monitoring data from the 1980s through 2021 suggesting that the water quality of the lake has been fairly consistent.


Bone Lake studies and reports can be found here.



Lake Levels

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Ordinary High Water Level = 909.10 feet