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Birch Lake Quick Facts


Lake Size: 32 acres

Watershed Drainage Area: 1,890 acres; land cover includes wetland, forest, cropland and grassland.

Maximum Depth: 8 ft.

Outlet Elevation: 894.5 ft.

Low Water Level: N/A

High Water Level: N/A

Impairments: Not listed as impaired (does not qualify as a lake)

Invasive Species (2018): curly-leaf pondweed

Water Quality 2021 Data

Lake Grade: C

Summer avg tot. phosphorus 71.8 μg/L

Summer average Secchi disc: 5.4 ft

Summer chlorophyll-a: 10.4 μg/L


Resource Goals

10-Year (2031) Goals

  • Reduce the 5-year mean phosphorus concentration (Average)  to less than or equal to 60 μg/L.
  • Improve the mean sechhi depth to greater than or equal to 3.3 ft.
  • Identify a 10-year mean bottom water chloride level of less than of equal to 230 mg/L.
  • Increase the percentage of parcels with greater than or equal to 75% natural shoreline.


Birch Lake

Birch Lake has a surface area of 32 acres and is two miles downstream of Bone Lake. Nielsen Lake's landlocked watershed discharges groundwater flow towards Birch Lake. Birch Lake is considered a shallow lake or wetland with 100% littoral area shallow enough to support emergent and submerged aquatic plants. Birch Lake is identified in name as a lake but was determined by the State to be a wetland due to its physical characteristics. Therefore it is not listed for a water quality impairment. The lake has been identified by CLFLWD to be a key factor influencing the water quality of School Lake and Little Comfort Lake. A survey in 2008 identified a diverse plant population in Birch Lake with little curly-leaf pondweed present.